not the only one…


I want to make our world better. I wish for humans to learn to love each other more. Be patient. Be present. Talk less. Buy less. Listen more.

I am an American, and my country needs a lot of work. I would like to start making our world better by working to help America first, and help us play better with the rest of our world. Our healthcare system is broken (but hopefully getting better thanks to Obamacare!), our education system is broken, our government is broken and so many of our elected representatives are corrupt and dedicated only to money instead of the people they are elected to represent.  Our prison system is beyond disastrous and embarrassing. Our government spies on its own citizens and corporations have way too much power over our government and no system of accountability. The only way out of this huge mess is that every American and immigrant who aspires to gain citizenship must educate themselves and dedicate themselves to justice. We must demand justice for every person and we must fight to retain our rights to free speech and free assembly, and we must demand fair elections and a free press and the protection of independent media.

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